What are History Mysteries?

Puzzle games in which players must solve a mystery using a collection of documents. They’re family-friendly; designed to be welcoming and accessible for players of any age. They’re immersive, which means they use digital elements to elevate the experience. And they’re narrative-focused, taking place in the world of the Ministry of Time (think Doctor Who but much sillier).

“A really nice thing to do together as a family. Really clever use of screen and paper puzzles.”


“I absolutely cannot recommend History Mysteries enough. Great indoor brain time... Go get yours!”


The Egyptian Enigma

From £10.50 /unit

Agent Cleo works for the mysterious organisation known as the Ministry of Time... and she’s trapped in Egypt in 1922! Can you save her? Search through a mysterious series of envelopes, solve the puzzles and outsmart your enemies - all before the timer runs out!


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