Technical Support

My package hasn’t arrived
History Mysteries are shipped from the UK and can sometimes take a few weeks to arrive at their destination. If your package is taking a long time, ︎ email us at and we’ll look into it.

I can’t access the online section of the game
The correct URLs for the games are: 

 ︎︎︎ The Egyptian Enigma:
︎︎︎ The Medieval Mishap:

There are no “www" or “http” prefixes. You can also try the ︎︎︎ Egyptian Enigma Backup and the ︎︎︎ Medieval Mishap Backup. Please check your internet connection is working and try restarting your devices.
I’ve lost the login details
Each History Mystery has a  login code that will allow you access to the online section of the game. If you have lost this, please ︎ email us at, and we will supply you with a PDF version.

I’m stuck on a puzzle
Click the question mark symbol in the bottom right corner of the game screen. This will provide you with a series of clues for each puzzle. You can also request the full solution if you are really stuck.

The online section of the game isn’t working
The games may occasionally experience server downtime or other errors. Try refreshing your browser window or disconnecting and reconnecting to your internet connection. If this doesn’t work, please ︎ email us at

I think I’m missing a piece of the game
If something doesn’t make sense and you cannot progress, you may be missing a piece of a puzzle. In which case, you can access online breakdowns of the games below:

︎︎︎ The Egyptian Engima
︎︎︎ The Medieval Mishap

Any other problems? Email us at


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